How to Claim Car Insurance

The Car insurance claim process is often a deciding factor when it comes to the credibility of an insurance company.

Step 1

Whether it is an accident involving any other car or you have caused damage to a third party, informing your insurance provider is the first thing to do. This can be done via a phone call, email, or a mobile app. They will guide you regarding the exact insurance claim process for car to be followed.

Step 2

It is important to note down the details of the other party involved in the accident. Visiting the police station and filing an First Information Report (FIR) is mandatory when it comes to third party claims, and suggested in other cases as well.

Step 3

Your insurer will send a surveyor to determine the extent of the loss.

Step 4

After approval, a garage will be assigned where the damaged car will be repaired

Step 5

The Car insurance claim amount will be settled between the insurer and the partner garage. Such garages are also termed as Cashless Garages. If you choose to take the car to a garage which is not a part of the insurer’s network, you will have to get the car repaired and then reimburse the expenses from your insurer.