About Meta

In today’s VUCA world, risk is becoming more real than ever. The entire risk landscape is becoming more and more dynamic with related nuances changing faster than expected. We believe that it’s time for all of us to start getting sensitised around risk management at an individual level more proactively than reactively. This is the thesis behind formation of Meta.

Meta, an app only platform, has been designed to act as digital insurance concierge to provide real time engagement amongst customers at the backdrop of interactive behaviour guidance, that reduces risky behaviours with the help of existing digital ecosystems. It handholds the customers digitally in accessing the right content, gauging the risk profile, guiding on risk mitigation mechanism via prevention as well as cure, facilitating the fulfilment via curated vendor connect and finally, rewarding the customer with instant gratification in the event of achievement of targeted risk index.

Our Team

Meta boasts of a young vibrant team coming from varied domain expertise including insurance, technology, healthcare, affinity management, customer services etc. With a common vision in sight, the team has been together since 2018 to achieve its goals, step by step, while walking along with the evolving insurance industry and customer behaviour. With a strong team of thinkers and explorers at its foundation, we approach work and play with curiosity and experimentation, using what we learn to create meaningful digital products that connect with people.


Who We partner with

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    Insurance Customers

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    Affinity Partners

Our Vision

To make the risk transparent, granular and highly personalized for every insurance customer


Our Mission

To be the preferred risk manager of insurance customers by leveraging the available digital ecosystems via connected architecture

What makes us meta

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    Provide access and insight to customers for their needs, behaviour and preferences contexted in real time
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    Ability to interpret the digital footprint of the customer, analyse the relationships, trends and inter-dependencies and reveal new risks as well as opportunities
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    Interactive coach behaviour and solutions that incorporate value added services and help predict, prevent and mitigate